small batch bakery | kitchen

Housed in a tiny pocket-sized space, one can only imagine how we managed to make everything from scratch *mmm hmmm señorita ricotta~ and have the elephant in the room nestling itself in the same space - the deck oven. We get that question a lot. The truth is, we don’t know. Somehow, things miraculously fell into place. Try putting seven beings in this tiny pocket-sized space, and have one who pulls your daily shot of awakening, one who churns these amazing hearty plates as your stomach churns from skipping dinner, one who bakes those addictive hazelnut praline brownies with assurance that there’s no pot *teehee, one who’s always covered in white specks and patches well congratulations you found your baker, one who does every other thing in usain bolt fashion otherwise known as the saikang warrior, and the one who brought all these unique individuals together with not much question asked, but through blind faith.

That’s how micro happened. Unorthodoxly.

Much like how it began, here at micro, we embody the spirit of anomaly. Not so much so of the food that we put on your plates, but why we do it at all.

In hopes that somehow, in some ways, when you’re here, you can seek solace in yourself, in the stranger sitting next to you, in us, or even the little nuances of the universe.